Duphaston is a medicine, which contains 10mg of man-made progestin hormone Dydrogesterone.

Package size


  • Pack containing 20, 42 or 60 tablets (carton and blister strip).

Labeler / Packager


  • Abbott,
  • Solvay.

Duphaston is an oral drug of the group of progestogens. It is prescribed to women, whose ovaries lost the ability to produce progesterone temporarily, partially or completely.

Duphaston is used to relieve symptoms, treat or control:

Irregular cycles
Painful periods

Pre-menstrual syndrome
Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
Habitual/threatened abortion

Duphaston can be used alone or in combination with other female sex hormones. Duphaston in combination with estrogen is highly effective in alleviating the signs of menopause or amenorrhoea.

Duphaston manufacturer is the multinational health care company Abbott (USA). This drug is not available for sale in North America. You can buy Duphaston in:

New Zealand




Duphaston appeared on sale in the late 60s of the last century. Since this day, this progestogen is prescribed rarely and is available only in a few countries of the world. If you’ve taken it this drug before, and it is no longer sold in your country, you can order Duphaston in online pharmacies.

Advantages of Duphaston:

  • Indicated in all cases of endogenous progesterone deficiency.
  • High activity, including in low doses.
  • Absence of anabolic, estrogenic, thermogenic, androgenic, and corticoid effects.

Duphaston is an orally-active progestogen. The man-made hormone Dydrogesterone that the pills contain replaces missing hormone progestogen, produced by your body. Frequency and duration of 10 mg tablets use depends on the ovarian function and treatment purposes.

The doctor will give precise instructions on how many hormones you need to take and how many days to continue treatment. The treating specialist can recommend:

  • Take one tablet twice a day.
  • Take 10mg doses with a 12-hour period.

To treat certain conditions, associated with a low level of progesterone, the following doses are prescribed:

Relieve the symptoms of endometriosis

10 mg Duphaston two or three times daily

Management of threatened abortion

40 mg Duphaston once, then 10 mg every 8 hours

Infertility treatment

10 mg Duphaston every 24 hours

If you bought Duphaston 10mg tablets, do not throw away the patient information leaflet, included in the package. It contains important information about the dosage and administration.

Tablets should be swallowed with water before, during or after meals. Administration of regular doses at the same time will help ensure that a stable amount of hormones is maintained in the body.

The dosing schedule can be different. Recommended doses can be used:

  • From Day 14 to Day 25 of the cycle: infertility.
  • From Day 5 to Day 25 of the cycle: painful periods or endometriosis.
  • From Day 11 to Day 25 of the cycle: dysfunctional uterine bleeding, PMS or irregular cycles.

Duphaston is used to treat or control many conditions, associated with progesterone deficiency. Tablets can be used continuously and the dosing schedule does not always depend on cycles.

Do not stop using the drug, if you do not complete the full course prescribed by your doctor. If long-term hormone therapy is expected, buy Duphaston 10 mg pills in advance to ensure continuity of treatment.

Do not use Duphaston if this drug is contraindicated for you or causes severe side effects. Like any other drugs from the progestogens group, Duphaston has several contraindications. This list includes:

Progestogen-dependent tumors.
Hypersensitivity to Dydrogesterone or inactive ingredients.

The presence of severe liver disease.
Vaginal bleedings, the cause of which was not determined.

Duphaston penetrates into the breast milk of nursing mothers. Such milk can have a negative impact on the child’s physical development. Therefore, this drug is not recommended for women during breastfeeding.

Duphaston can be used by pregnant women, including for management of threatened abortion. Currently, there is no evidence that this drug during pregnancy has a harmful effect on the fetus.

Duphaston has an excellent benefit-risk balance and is well tolerated by most women. Serious side effects from Duphaston 10mg tablets are very rare.

The list of side effects that were identified during clinical trials and after the start of Duphaston sales includes:

Depressed mood
Head pain

Stomach ache
Allergic dermatitis

Breast swelling
Quincke’s edema
Breast pain (tenderness)

Call the doctor as soon as possible if you have any problems during the period of Duphaston use. Do this, even if the reactions manifested are not listed in the leaflet or this review.

Side effects can be the result of Duphaston interaction with other drugs. Tell your doctor if you are using or plan to use any medications.

The following drugs affect the Duphaston metabolism:





Do not use Duphaston with food supplements without prior consultation with the treating specialist, especially if they contain:

  • Sage
  • John’s Wort
  • Ginkgo biloba

If the price of Duphaston 10mg tablets is too high or they are not available in the nearest pharmacies, you can use other tablets containing 10mg of Dydrogesterone instead of them. Such drugs are known as Duphaston generics. They work no better and no worse than the original drug, yet can cost less.

You can buy Duphaston generics under the name Dydrogesterone. Generics are also sold under brand names:



If you are looking for a reliable and effective method to increase the level of progesterone, you can choose Duphaston. The drug restores the balance of hormones in the body with minimal risks of side effects.