Mircette is an estrogen-progestin oral contraceptive, which is used to prevent pregnancy.

Package size


  • 6 blister dispensers x 28 pills.

Labeler / Packager


  • Teva,
  • Duramed.

Each blister pack of Mircette contains:


White pills


Desogestrel 0.15 mg
Ethinyl estradiol 0.02mg


Light-green pills


Only inert ingredients


Yellow pills


Ethinyl estradiol 0.01 mg

Hormonally active pills are prescribed continuously to prevent pregnancy in women of childbearing age.

Buying pills Mircette, you get a modern form of birth control.

With the correct use of pills, the chances of getting pregnant will decrease to 0%.

Mircette is a 21/2/5- regimen contraceptive. One package is enough to prevent unwanted pregnancy during one cycle (28 days).

Desogestrel (progestin) in combination of with Ethinyl Estradiol (estrogen) stop ovulation and alter the normal functioning of a woman’s fertility cycle. Therefore, pregnancy can not begin while you use low-dose of these hormones.

Mircette was approved by the FDA in March 1998. The owner of marketing authorization is the pharmaceutical company Teva. Today, Mircette is not sold in the US for reasons not related to the effectiveness and safety of this contraception method.

You can order Mircette in online pharmacies. If are in an urgent need of the contraceptive, buy a Mircette generic at the nearest pharmacy. They contain the same amount of hormones and work with the same efficiency as the original contraceptive does, yet their price may be lower.

Mircette generics are sold in local and online pharmacies under the following names:



Mircette and its generic versions provide a perfect protection from unwanted pregnancies. A high degree of protection is guaranteed only with the correct and regular use of pills. If you have never used a 21/2/5-regimen birth control before, find out how to do it.

The main thing to remember when using Mircette and any other estrogen-progestin oral contraceptive is:

If you miss a pill, you can get pregnant.

The more doses you missed, the more likely you are to become pregnant.

To be sure that you are doing everything correctly, use the tablets in the order in which they are packed. Start with the first white Mircette tablet and follow the arrow on the packaging.

Use 21 white, 2 green and 5 yellow Mircette tablets for 28 days. The next day, start a new package. If you buy Mircette online, make your order in advance, before you run out of the active pills in the current package.

The continuity of the hormonally active pills use is the recipe for success of any combined contraception method. Other important rules are:

  • Choose a convenient time to take the Mircette every day at the same time.
  • Take the first pill in the day or on the first Sunday after the beginning of the cycle.
  • Know what to do if one or more doses of hormones are missed.

If you forgot take estrogen-progestin oral contraceptive:

  • Take the missed dose as soon as you remember.
  • Take 2 tablets a day and 2 the next day, if 2 doses are missed.
  • Use an additional contraceptive method as long as the healthcare provider says to do so.

It should be noted that vomiting or diarrhea after Mircette administration can be equated to a missed dose.

Mircette contains synthetic versions of hormones, which are similar to the natural hormones, produced by the ovaries. Therefore, most women do not experience any side effects, even with long-term pills use.

Before you buy Mircette, check with your pharmacist for rare and frequent side effects. If it is inconvenient to do in the pharmacy, read the leaflet in the package. If you use the services of online pharmacies, you can specify the questions you have about birth control pills by phone or email.

Possible adverse effects during the period of Mircette use are:

Irregular bleeding

Painful periods
Mood swings
Abdominal discomfort
Weight loss or weight gain

The list of rare and very rare side effect of Mircette includes:

  • Acne
  • Changes in libido
  • Thrombus formation
  • Decreased lactation
  • Intolerance to contact lenses

Many side effects, for example, irregular bleeding or nausea appear during the use of the first 28-day packs of Mircette. As a rule, their intensity decreases rapidly, after which they disappear on their own.

Smoking increases the risk of rare, yet severe cardiovascular adverse effects. The risk of serious medical consequences increases in women, who smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day and is especially noticeable with age.

Before you buy Mircette or its generics, tell your doctor if you smoke a lot or if you have:

  • Varicose veins.
  • Heart rhythm disorder.
  • Heart valve disorder.
  • Inflammation of blood vessels.
  • Diseases of the kidneys, liver or gallbladder.
  • Prediabetes or diabetes.
  • Overweight or obesity.
  • Regular headaches.
  • High blood pressure.
  • The history of a stroke, thrombosis or a heart attack.

One or a combination of several conditions listed above may be the reason why Mircette is not suitable for you. Therefore, if you had or currently have any health problems, inform your healthcare provider about them.

Before you buy Mircette pills online, make sure that you are not a person, who is contraindicated to use combined estrogen/progestin contraceptives. The list of Mircette contraindications includes:

  • Cerebrovascular disorders.
  • Thromboembolic disorders.
  • Uncontrolled hypertension.
  • Suspected or diagnosed pregnancy.
  • Diabetes mellitus associated with vascular symptoms.
  • Hypersensitivity to hormones contained in pills.

Such reliable methods of contraception as Mircette can be used for many years and provide a stable protection against pregnancy. During this time, women may need to treat certain diseases and use medications.

Some of medications can interact with Mircette, resulting in:

  • Side effects manifestation.
  • Decreased effectiveness of hormonal contraception.

Mircette can interact with:



Hypnotics and sedatives

Chloral Hydrate



Mircette can be used with many drugs, including those that have the potential to interact with synthetic hormones. To avoid the risks of side effects and a reduction in the effectiveness of contraception, Mircette and medications should be taken at different times, as recommended by the doctor.

An impressive list of side effects and drugs that interact with Mircette does not mean that this contraception method is associated with any increased risks. Rather, it is an indication of the fact that the contraceptive is well studied, including in post-marketing studies.

If you are looking for a contraceptive that will help you avoid pregnancy, buy Mircette 28. If you decide that it’s time to have a baby, stop using Mircette to return the normal functioning of the fertility cycle.